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The Golden Eagle Band travels to retirement communities in and around the greater Milwaukee area to perform concerts and perform music to make people happy.  Our members are all 55 years of age or older and come from all walks of life.  Our members enjoy the friendship of each other as well as the honor of playing music together and for our wonderful audiences.  


If you would like to have the Golden Eagle Band perform at your venue, please contact Director Dubis via this website or call (414) 405-8288.  Concerts are performed on Wednesday evenings October through May at 7:00 p.m.


Our concerts are an activity of the Fifty Five Plus Senior Program sponsored by Milwaukee Public Schools, Division of Municipal Recreation and Community Education.  We extend an invitation to you to consider joining the band which meets every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at the O.A.S.I.S. Senior Center at 2414 W. Mitchell Street.

Meet the Band! 

The members of the Golden Eagle Band have a wonderful sense of humor.  These photos were taken with express consent of themselves and we would like to share them with you. 

Please enjoy!


Band Members Left to Right:  Linda Behlendorf, Richard Ahlmeier, Jerry Kummer and Jim Dummert.


Band Members Left to Right: Rohan De Silva (Sitting in back), Fran Rundel, Sherry Dummert and Cheri Briscoe.


Band Members Left to Right: Judy Mc Callum, Lee Hartz and Dan Lippert.


Band Members Left to Right: Paul Leshok, Andy Anderson and Cheri Briscoe.


Band Members Left to Right: Sharon Ehlert, Tom Briscoe, Carol Reise and Karen Merkle.


Band Members Left to Right: Bob and Dick Ahlmeier, Sherry Dummert, Jerry Kummer and Jim Dummert.


Band Members Left to Right: Jim Hutchinson, Rohan De Silva, Jim Rundel and Tom Briscoe.


Band Members Left to Right: Front Row:  Cherie Briscoe, Sharon Ehlert, Jim Dummert, Karen Dubis (sideways), Dick Ahlmeier and Tom Briscoe.  Back Row:  Karen Merkle, Carol Reise, Paul Leshok, Sherry Dummert, and Bob Ahlmeier.



Meet the Directors

Director Karen Dubis  1999-Present

Director William "Bill" Polley 1972-1999

Director Floyd Cash 1930's-1972